Due to specialized massage one burns additional calories and controls one's weight.

See how an auto-massage bed may help you and your family.

Breakthrough technology that treats, relaxes and rejuvenates all your body.

INAREX auto-massage bed that we offer is a perfect combination of the Far East medicine and the newest technology.

  • Acuressure
    It consists in pressing with one's fingers specific points on the body, especially around the spinal column, where the nerve ends of almost all the organs of the body are...
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  • Chiropractics
    Chiropractics forces the vertebrae move where they belong. Upright position of the spinal column is of great importance to one's good condition and good mood...
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  • Litotherapy
    Ancient medics recommended carrying mineral stones or consuming them in powdered form as a way for a healthy life. Stones , thanks to energy that is accumulated ...
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  • Massage
    Relaxing the muscles is performed in a mechanical manner with the help of the internal germanium projector. In this way it influences tissues and organs of all the body...
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  • Moxibustion
    Procedure consisting in putting a glowing-hot heap of dried herb called Artemisia moxa against specific places on the body. The method has been known in the Far East...
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  • Infrared radiation
    In nature infrared radiation is emitted by the sun, human and animal bodies. If one has a lot of this heat energy in themselves, they feel healthy and full of vital energy...
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  • Thermotherapy
    Applying the heat on the body stimulates blood vessel work and improves the blood circulation. The body itself becomes better oxygenated, and the internal organs work better...
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